Conservator 90 Series High-Efficiency Gas-Fired BoilerConservator™ GAS-FIRED INDUCED DRAFT WATER BOILER

In Need of Comfortable Home Heating?

You're Getting Warmer...

A cup of hot cocoa, the warmth of a crackling fire, your favorite wool sweater -- all of these things can keep you warm. But only Lennox can provide comfort that lasts beyond the last drop of cocoa, the last log in the fire and that sweater you outgrew last winter.

With many options to choose from, Lennox' Conservator™ Series boilers offer exceptional comfort in a variety of configurations to accommodate nearly every home.

For more than 100 years, people have trusted Lennox to make their lives more comfortable. Our boilers continue that tradition by offering reliable comfort, exceptional value and long-term savings. That's the kind of quality you've come to expect from Lennox.

90% AFUEIf you want to be warm and comfortable without outrageous heating bills, the Conservator Series gas-fired induced draft water boiler is for you. With an efficiency rating up to 84.4%, this boiler offers superior performance and lower monthly heating bills.

This gas-fired induced draft water boiler is available in six sizes, and can be fueled by natural* or LP gas, offering flexibility to meet a variety of homeowners' needs.
*Shipped as natural gas. Convertible to LP.

In addition, the Conservator Series gas-fired induced draft water boiler has side-wall venting capabilities, which makes lining that old chimney a worry no more.

Lennox Conservator Series boilers are built with the finest materials, such as cast iron heat exchangers and titanium burners. Cast iron is well-known as an efficient, reliable material for use in boilers, and titanium is an extremely corrosion-resistant material. These features translate into long-lasting performance, giving you...One Less Thing To Worry About.®

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Hydronic heating is a sealed system, which means recirculation of air is eliminated. This means no open ducts to transmit dust or allergens, so you'll breathe easier.


Feature Benefit
Economical Energy Efficiency
Electronic Ignition Reduces gas consumption, since fuel is burned only when heat is required.
Thick Fiberglass Insulation Baked enamel finished steel jacket is amply insulated, which reduces off-cycle heat loss and saves on fuel costs.
Induced Draft Combustion Inducer fan optimizes flue gas velocity through the boiler for greater heat transfer and higher efficiency.
Quality Construction, Built to Last
Cast Iron Heat Exchanger Cast iron is extremely durable and will provide years of reliable service.
Titanium Burners Provides greater resistance to corrosion and oxidation than competitive stainless or aluminized steel burners.
Sealed Ball Bearing Fan Provides greater reliability and quieter operation.
Attention to Detail
Pressure Switch Proves that the flue is clear and safe for venting, eliminating potential hazards.
Extra Fuse Link Provided with the boiler, so an inexpensive repair part doesn't keep you without heat.
Additional Features
Warranty Twenty-year limited heat exchanger warranty with non-prorated coverage. One-year limited covered parts warranty.
Wide Range of Sizes Comes in six sizes and is designed to fit almost any home's unique installation requirements.
Unit Test Every unit is fire tested prior to shipping for quality assurance.

GWB8-IE Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers Data and Capacities

Model # Heating Cap. Input Heating Cap. Output *Net I=B=R DIMENSIONS  
  Btuh†† (kW) Btuh†† (kW) Btuh†† (kW) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) **A.F.U.E.
GWB8-042IE 42.5 (12.5) 36 (10.6) 31 (9.1) 11"(279) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 84.4
GWB8-075IE 75 (22.0) 63 (18.5) 55 (16.1) 14.25"(362) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 83.4
GWB8-112IE 112.5 (33.0) 94 (27.5) 82 (24.0) 17.5"(445) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 83.0
GWB8-150IE 150.0 (44.0) 125 (36.6) 109 (31.9) 20.75"(527) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 82.7
GWB8-187IE 187.5 (54.9) 155 (45.4) 135 (39.6) 24.00"(610) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 82.3
GWB8-225IE 225.0 (65.9) 186 (54.5) 162 (47.5) 27.25"(692) 23.25"(591) 29.00"(737) 82.0

††Btuh in thousands
*Heating capacity is based upon D.O.E. (Department of Energy) test procedures.
† I=B=R ratings indicate the amount of equivalent direct radiation each boiler will produce under normal conditions and thermostatic control. Ratings based on an allowance of 1.15 in accordance with the factors shown on the I=B=R Standard as published by The Hydronics Institute. Selection of boiler size should be based on "Net I=B=R Rating" being equal to or greater than the calculated heat loss of the building.
**Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency based on U.S. DOE test procedures and FTC labeling regulations.
Note: Due to Lennox' ongoing commitment to quality, all specifications, ratings and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

  (57L38) GWB9-IH-7/99
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