Total Comfort? Total Control? — Radiant Heat!!!

Radiant Heat is the kind of heat that warms you and your home in all the right places; silently, invisibly, and comfortably. It uses the entire floor as a radiator, surrounding people and objects with heating comfort — concentrating that comfort near the floor. The temperature throughout the room remains nearly constant. According to manufacturers testing, this factor alone reduces heat loss by up to 25 percent when compared to homes using conventional heating methods.
So Many Reasons You’ll Love Radiant Heat
  • Concentrates heat at the floor, warming people and objects
  • Reduces energy costs by reducing heat loss
  • Warms without drafts and erratic temperature fluctuations
  • Creates a quieter home
  • Eliminates circulation of dust
  • Eliminates unsightly baseboards, hot air registers and cold-air returns that interfere with furniture placement
  • Can provide smooth transitions between floor covering of different heights