Radiant Heat Control Panels

Single Zone Closed Loop
Control & Circulation Package
Less thermostat

  1. Pressure relief valve
  2. Inlet ball valve
  3. Automatic air eliminator
  4. Inlet water pressure regulator with bypass handle for purge
  5. Expansion tank
  6. Circulator pump
  7. Pressure & Temperature gauge
  8. Outlet ball valve
  9. Relay transformer package
    R-C = 24 volts
    R-G = Pump relay

After all piping and field connections are completed:

  1. Thread hose adapter fitting in relief valve #1and run garden hose to location of drain, close valve #2 and open valve #8.
  2. Open water inlet valve and allow pressure to build to approx. 10/12 psi, check for system leaks.
  3. Slowly open relief valve by raising handle on #1 and pressure will bleed through hose to drain followed by water flow as system fills. For faster fills, if desired, handle can be raised on pressure regulator #4, this will by-pass regulator. Caution must be used and system monitored as not to exceed 30 psi. Water will be running through distribution circuits and out drain hose.
  4. Alternate distribution circuits and allow to flow until all air is removed and heat source is filled.
  5. Move lever on pressure reducing valve #4 to normal operating position, allow pressure to drop to 10/12 psi and close relief valve #1. Remove adapter fitting from relief valve #1 and pipe to floor or drain as code requires.
  6. Open valve #8, adjust thermostat and start system, the automatic air vent #3, should eliminate any remaining air with circulation. Balance water temperature from heat source if required, the maximum temperature should not exceed140, normal water temperatures can vary from 100 to 125 dependent upon heating loads.

Assembled control and circulation package as shown is used for left to right supply flows. Right to left flow is available with component adjustment.